Friday, 2 October 2015

New feather pieces

This an oyster pink clutch  bag withe scupted feather and reflecting crystal ( to match a clients shoes) 

Back and red feathers,each feather is selected, sculpted and trimmed and 
individually stitched to build up the shape and volume of the piece on a hand wired sinamay wing


Sunday, 13 September 2015

Trabajando con clientes y encontrando las forms, lis colores y volumees perfectactos para casa una hacemos pruebas para encontrar sus gustos y nuestro final es que cada una se encuentre cómoda y segura de si misma en su conjunto.

Working closely with clients in findng the perfect form, colours and volumes personally fitted to the taste of each on making them feel comfortable and confident.

Hand blocked Black sinamay with oversized Black and White feather..

Hand blocked  Urugayan Panama straw in pillbox shape with magenta and emerald green sculpted feathers.

Hand dyed silver blue Sraws with blue and antique pink sculpted feathers.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Friday, 19 December 2014

new pieces

Over the last few months i have been working on different pieces, some custom pieces for clients and others for the shop Atlantis Calle Bengoetxea 1, on the corner of Calle Okendo in San Sebastian . 

I have been investigating with beading and feathers and working with natural dying methods with flowers. I have continued to work with felts recently with beaver hair felt, the last two pieces I made were straw.all my pieces are made by hand sometimes using wooden moulds and sometimes making my own moulds are working the felt or straw by hand with are a few of my latest pieces.

Purple felt with sculpted feather and beaded detail 
with black silk net and black silk band.
now in Gallery Ekain San Sebastian .

                               Black straw top hat with hand made and dyed yellow flowers detail
                                               on a vintage french ribbon with 1940´s buckle.

various felt hand moulded hats 


Beaded bow brooch


                                          Hand moulded straw hat with vintage net detail.                          

Atlantis Calle Bengoetxea, 1 Esquina Calle Okendo

                 En Octobre Atlantis cambio su     dirrecion la antigua tienda Modas Magda en la calle Calle Bengoetxea  1 Esquina Calle Okendo.

Y tengo el placer de estar colaborano allicon ellas.
aqui estan los primeros ecaparates de Elisabeth.